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Railsys Engineers Pvt Ltd

As the world is progressing at a tremendous pace in the 21st century, the distance between different countries of the world and between different cities and other destinations within a country is fast decreasing due to faster transportation and faster communication. In this scenario, countries are going for faster and efficient transport systems to meet the demands of their overall developments and surging populations. While there are various means of transportation such as Railways, Highways, Airways, Waterways etc., Railways is the only means of cheaper and faster transportation which can cater to the transportation needs of large multitude of population and goods. Railways have got the advantage of capability to safely carry large volumes of traffic between various destinations within a country as well as from one country to another at comparatively higher speed and at lesser cost. Due to these reasons, commencing from the 19th century, the development of Railway systems has been very fast in number of countries. Various countries and companies all over the world are involved in Research and Development of faster and safer Railway infrastructure and systems which can adequately cater to the ever increasing requirements.
This has resulted in development of various types of Railway systems such as:
(I). long distance trains to carry passengers and freight traffic between various destinations covering thousands of miles/kilometres and
(II). short distance trains to meet the transportation needs within a city and its surrounding areas such as Suburban Railway System; Metro Rail System; Monorail System; Light Railways etc.

In order to plan, design and construct such systems to the exacting requirements of Railway standards, adequately qualified and sufficiently experienced Engineers and technicians are necessary. Realising this need, a group of devoted and dedicated highly experienced Railway Engineers were brought together and the result is the company named - Railsys Engineers Private limited.

Railsys Engineers Pvt Ltd

Railsys Engineers Pvt Ltd. is a company established in the year 2011 and registered with the Registrar of Companies, India with its registered office at Dadar (E), Mumbai, India. The company is managed by Ex - Railway Professionals who are well qualified and highly experienced in the fields of survey, investigation, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all types of Railway infrastructure. The focus of the organization is to provide consultancy, execute turnkey projects and carry out Operation & Maintenance of the existing railway infrastructure. The company has professionals from different faculties of Railways Viz. Civil Engineering, Track, Bridges, Buildings, Tunnels, Electrical, Overhead Line Engineering, Power Supply, Rolling Stock (Railway Coaches, Wagons and Locomotives), Mechanical Engineering, Traffic Operation, safety, Environmental Engineering and Signalling & Telecommunication etc. The main activities of the company are managed from its corporate office at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

Company’s official presence

A. In India Within India, we are having offices/our presence is available at Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Kota, Kolkatta, Satna, Raipur, Kashipur, Sholapur, Gandhidham, New Khandla (Kutch) and Bhopal from where various projects and operations are being managed/co-ordinated.

B. In Abroad Railsys Engineers Pvt Ltd. has presence through our associates in UK (through Railtranz, UK) and Singapore (through Lakshmi Import Export Pvt. Ltd.) and through our representative in Cameroon, Africa.

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