Crowd & Pedestrian Simulation

Crowd & Pedestrian simulation is the process of simulating the movement of a large number of entities or characters. It is commonly used to create virtual scenes for visual media like films and video games, and is also used in crisis training, architecture and urban planning, and evacuation simulation.

Parterned with SIMWALK

SimWalk services and products are successfully deployed by authorities and consultancies around the globe. Ever since our foundation over a decade ago, we are pushing boundaries and embrace the latest technology to optimally serve the transport, aviation, sports and building industry helping to manage their crowds. We partnered with SIMWALK to work on various projects and services.


Crowd & Pedestrian simulation with SimWalk improves the walkability of the built environment in a comprehensive and efficient way for planned or existing facilities and infrastructures. The technology reduces the costs of design bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies, resulting in an environment worth walking.

For more information on SimWalk software packages and capabilities please visit the official SimWalk website at:
Railsys also offers design and consulting services as well as providing assistance in data entry, data manipulation and interpretation of output on a case by case basis, for pedestrian simulation studies for a wide range of projects.

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