Railway Power Supply Network

-Railway Electrification Simulation

Power and power supply system is important sub system of Railway and Metro system. Simulation studies helps railway network planner and operator in cost effective, efficient planning and evaluation of traction network to meet present and future operation requirement.

An integral part of the modelling of train movements in operation simulation tool, the Power simulation tool simulates the demands that will be made on the power supply network.

train_perf1 train_perf2

We apply user-defined simulations to reduce sources of error and ensure software efficiency for the system design of AC or DC rail systems. Simulation tool’s dynamic feedback function allows the power supply behaviour to modify the power available to the trains in the train operation simulation.

train_perf1 train_perf2

With trains movements on system power requirements and voltage drops keeps changing. Energy usage is calculated by simulating all train movements at all times, voltage profile on Power supplies and OHE/power network during the period and voltage available to each train to provide required traction power Simulation tool is capable of simulating- 25 KV AC and other AC traction system, DC traction network, Simulation of return circuits. Power simulation allows the assessment of substation locations, robustness of supply, and susceptibility of the network to degraded performance.