Railsys Services

Consultancy Services

Railsys with its team of Traffic experts provided following services: Analysis of Traffic and planning transport infrastructure.

  1. Freight Transport Planning: Bulk –Coal, Mineral Solid Waste, grains, Containers traffic.
  2. Passenger traffic planning.
  3. Traffic survey and assessment of rail infrastructure.
  4. Selection of serving rail head and junction arrangement Planning system Economic and financial appraisal of Rail infrastructure projects.
  5. Socio-economic impact evaluation of projects.
  6. Multi-modal transport costing and study.
  7. Total transport system study at Macro / Regional / Micro levels.
  8. Traffic demand analysis and forecasts.
  9. Logistics management study.
  10. Study of train operations at Railway sidings.
  11. Planning and design of material handling facilities.

Civil Engineering & Permanent Way (Railway Track)

The Civil & Permanent Way Engineers available with Railsys on regular basis and/or as consultants have vast experience in the following fields of Railway & Civil Engineering: Carrying out Feasibility Studies; Detailed Survey & Investigations and Preparation of Detailed Project Reports; Preparation of Bid documents, Invitation, Evaluation and Finalization of Bids: These activities involve the following detailed aspects:

  • Carrying out Feasibility Studies.
  • Carrying out Reconnaissance & topographical surveys.
  • Fixing feasible alternative alignments.
  • Carrying out detailed and Final Location Surveys.
  • Deciding Final alignment after considering merits and de-merits of alternative alignments.
  • Getting Traffic Surveys and Transportation Planning done.
  • Studying the condition of existing bridges if any and carrying out Condition Rating of bridges and other structures along the route.
  • Examining feasibility of rehabilitation and up-gradation/extension of existing bridges.
  • Geotechnical and Material Investigations.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.
  • Preparation of General and Technical Specifications.

Signalling & Telecummunication

Railsys has got a team of highly trained engineers having extensive experience in design, project engineering, project management, testing and commissioning and other consultancy services for Railway Signalling works for the mainline and metro railways.
Railsys with its highly experienced team of Signal & Communication Engineers and designers can provide signalling solutions to the international Railway signalling systems in UK, Europe, Australia and North America. Railway signalling systems products and services: Railsys's have got a committed team of signalling engineers capable of providing seamless service across the full range of railway signalling disciplines, including: Signalling & Interlocking scheme development.
• Detail circuit design and independent design checking of plan and circuits.
• Data design, checking and testing.
• Principles design and checking.
• Testing and commissioning planning and implementation.
• Principles testing.

Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock areas in which Railsys expertise are available are:
• Diesel Locomotives.
• Diesel shunting locos.
• Electric Locomotives.
• Railway Passenger train coaches of different classes.
• Electrical Multiple Units (Suburban Trains).
• Railway Freight wagons of different types.
• Fuelling installation designs and clearances.
• Maintenance facilities for Locomotives.
• Freight examination facilities including POL loading.
• Railsys also provides experts for loco maintenance, operation and procurement.

Interlocking Scheme Development

Railway Overhead Line Engineering, SCAADA & General Electrification : The works pertaining to this component of Railway system for new projects consists of the following:
• Survey of sources of electrical sources i. e. nearby sub-stations.
• Examining feasibility and quantum of electric power which will be available from the existing sources for the project.
• Determining locations of electrical substations for the project.
• Carrying out survey for electrical installations for the project such as erection of OHE masts & provision of OHE.
• Design of Electrical substations and OHE installations and preparation of various detailed drawings.
• Construction of substations and OHE installations on the basis of approved drawings in co-ordination with track and S & T installations.
• Commissioning of substations and various OHE installations.

Train Operation & Safety

Railsys is having the team of traffic professional and support of consultants having vast experience in train operation and safety. This includes better asset utilization, high efficiency and Safety in Operation of Passenger trains, freight traffic as well as suburban train operation. Railsys provides following services for train operation and safety. • Railway System Design for high efficiency. • Train Control System. • Yards and Mainline Operation methods. • Time tabling. • Crew planning • MIS system Design • Safety system & monitoring Safety in Operation

Project Management Consultancy

Railsys is having a team of qualified and highly experienced Engineers who have many years of experience in Project Management Consultancy. Project Management Consultancy encompasses the following important activities : • Selection of suitable team of Project Manager, Resident Engineers, Engineers/Experts, Site Engineers/Supervisors and office staff having requisite qualification and experience. • Setting up suitable site office/s. • Provide all required furniture, equipments, tools and stationery in the office. • Providing communication facilities in office. • Arranging all required records, manuals and reference books, copies of contract agreement, BOQ, approved designs, drawings etc. • Mobilization of the team at site. • Setting up necessary material testing laboratories at site. • Preparation of Construction drawings and getting them approved from the client. • Explaining to the team of site engineers and supervisors about their duties and responsibilities and designs, drawings and specifications of the work to be done.

Asset Management

Utilizing our railroad industry expertise and state of the art information systems technology, Railsys actively manages the rail assets & utilities for Railroad owners and users by providing support for a broad range of asset management requirements. General asset management services include: • Track. • Signaling System • Communication system. • OHE & Electric traction System • Locomotives and Rolling stock. • Train Operations management. • Railway Safety.

Human Resoure Management

Railsys provides human resources with high qualification and vast experience of Railway in following: • Design Engineers ( International standards i.e. AREMA , IRSE- UK IRS etc) • Project managers & Engineers • Supervisors and Technicians/Testers • Operation Managers • Operators - Locomotive Drivers and Train operators. We also provide exhaustive skill development training in important technical areas of Railway System including latest technologies. Railsys provides experts and engineers & technical personnel in following key fields. • Track:
a) Principle Design Engineers , Design engineers, CAD Engineers. b) Project Engineers: Civil, Track, Bridge and Tunnel.