Train Operation Simulation and Planning

-Cost reductions through integrated planning and simulation

Simulation of Train Operations simulation enables rail operators and engineers to predict the behaviour of rolling stock, signalling systems, and power supply networks, and to combine these to show complete train movements.

Simulation software tools requires following inputs:

1. Infrastructure details of track & signalling data 2. Rolling stock data 3. Time table data

train_perf1 train_perf2

The full benefits of software simulation tools become evident when simulating the operation of a complete railway system–

  • • Train performance simulation.
  • • Headway and network capacity determination.
  • • Conflicts identification.
  • • Effect of failures and incidents predicted and presented.
  • • Simulate all types of signalling and train control systems.
  • • Validating the viability of timetables.
  • • Assess various options for infrastructure development and provides accurate data for cost-benefit calculations.

Railsys railway simulation uses ‘RailPlan’ to model, simulate and analyze among others the following types of rail systems: High speed rail, heavy rail, intercity rail, metro, underground, light rail and trams.